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about sse roadshow center

the shanghai stock exchange (sse) launched the sse roadshow service in early 2013, whose system construction and daily operation are in the charge of sse infonet co., ltd. focusing on diversified roadshow services, the sse roadshow center has built itself into an effective communication platform featuring multimedia services for connecting all participants in the capital market. until the end of 2019, nearly 4000 events of varied formats were held by sse roadshow.

the sse roadshow center adheres to innovation-driven development strategy, implements cross-border integration and provides various roadshow services for all kinds of market players. institutions such as listed companies, pre-ipo companies, funds, bond issuers and training units are able to organize roadshows, training sessions and exchange activities with regard to performance release, refinancing, major events, ipo, product launch and investor services through the center.

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regional roadshows

regional roadshow, also known as investor reception day, invites executives of listed companies in the region to share ideas online about matters that concern investors. the investors can ask any questions to the executives who will give them instant answers, which helps establish a partnership featuring mutual trust and win-win result between investors and listed companies.

online training

in order to give listed companies access to related training courses offered by the sse, this section provides a part of video courses for trainees to study online. the sse roadshow center has also launched a series of training courses for new listed companies in a bid to help these companies better understand and adapt to the environment for information disclosure and regulation.

micro-lectures on regulations

this section provides online videos that introduce regulatory concepts to listed companies and interpret relevant regulatory policies, with an aim to help these companies timely know about the latest regulatory policies and improve their information disclosure quality. focusing on analyzing and solving pain points arising in listed companies’ daily information disclosure, micro-lectures on regulations have served tens of thousands of board secretaries from listed companies and those planning for listing.

videos from listed companies

listed companies can upload their videos on to the sse roadshow center platform and maintain them, which allows these companies to create a positive corporate image and makes it easier for investors to know more about the listed companies.

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